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Nia education

Ann Christiansen has been offering “Nia Intensive Training”, the so-called ‘Belts’, on a regular basis since the 1990’s. There are five different Nia training levels – the consecutive ‘Belts’, building up from White to Black, are based on the martial arts model. 

While the White Belt is the initial entry level at which you will be focusing on Nia and yourself the next level, the Blue Belt, is about Nia, the group and communication. The Brown Belt deals with the topic of energy and the Black Belt is a kind of master class, during which we integrate Nia principles into everyday life. An optional Green Belt is aimed at Nia teachers in particular – its focus is on teaching methods and instructing your own classes. 

Every Belt is undertaken during the scope of a five- to seven-day long training. It gives you the opportunity of intensifying the techniques and principles of Nia and gaining more knowledge about philosophy, anatomy and music. And that’s not all – you will also continuously learn to intensify yourself and your own patterns of movement; become fitter and stronger; further develop your own abilities and learn more about Nia in a holistic way. 

Everything begins with the “White Belt”! It is open to all. Absolute beginners with no prior knowledge can also participate – immediately immersing themselves in their own Nia experience. If you would like to get to know, experience or intensify Nia then you are at exactly the right address and always welcome! If you would like to teach Nia then the “White Belt” is the basic requirement and foundation. So should you want to become a teacher you can theoretically begin to give classes right after the seven-day course. 

Belt descriptions

White Belt

The White Belt is a more intensive introduction to Nia; a journey during which you will discover the joy of movement. During these seven days you will experience with your own senses how Nia techniques work on you and what does you personally good. Whatever the case – you will be doing it for yourself! This intensive experience will move you and, ideally, help you to progress. 

In practical terms this means:

You will get to know the various principles of Nia via different classes and choreographies. The objective is to immerse yourself in the moves, feeling and experiencing them, and to train you to listen to your own body. Within the scope of the week you will learn how to focus on your moves; to become more attentive to and mindful of yourself – with regard to your body, mind and soul. From day to day your body-centred awareness will become more sensitive and acute. 

Five core areas provide the framework for this personal process – “Movement” area will teach you about movement patterns and their effect on body, mind and soul. The “Anatomy” area focuses on how the body is structured and the way in which various muscle groups work and what they do. There is also a theoretical segment which will teach you how to develop good body awareness and combine health and vitality. The “Music” study area is all about sounds and rhythms and how they can be used to achieve more expression, emotion and energy in classes and in your personal dance. The section on “Philosophy” provides an introduction to Nia principles, from the body to the body’s wisdom. In addition to practical input this provides participants with the initial basic tools for their own Nia sessions; in addition to this the key Nia terms and concepts are communicated effectively. 

Feedback on the White Belt


Green Belt 

The Green Belt is an optional training which is particularly interesting to anyone who wants to teach themselves, since it focuses on teaching skills. At the training you will learn how to structure a session; how to cue step changes and exercises and how to build on and guide the dynamics of the session. As a Nia teacher the Green Belt will give you clarity and confidence for your own Nia sessions.

In practical terms this means:

The Five -Day greenbelt Training Focuses on the Promise of Nia and our  5 compentencies.It is a Training that ultimatilty prepares you to be relaxed while delivering the Nia Promise. this Training is also recommended for dedicated Nia Students who wishes to deepend their practise and embodiement  of the principels from whitebelt. If you desire to Train in One More Level before Beginning to teach Nia then Greenbelt is the Perfect preparation.Practical and theoretical Tools will give You Training in choreographies, cueing and instructing, hone your skill to craft the Nia class to fit the Needs of your Students and how to skillfully model all the Intensity Levels and how to use the 7 cycles of the class to deliver the optimal and the potential of any Nia Routine.

Every participant will also receive feedback and assistance to Improve movement skills and teaching skills. Any belt level / belt graduate is welcome , activly teaching teachers and Nia Lifestyle Students. The Greenbelt will condition your Nervous System to quickly and smoothly handle the many tasks needed when teaching Nia , give You Tools how to Master the Music 8 BC System with ease and a deeper unverstanding of the 5 core compentencies, Nia movememt, Music, Anatomy ,Philosophy and Methodolgy. 

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Blue Belt 

Dance is expression, communication and an intimate encounter with yourself and others. Within the scope of the Blue Belt training you will explore these aspects of Nia and learn a flowing, interactive style of communication – in your dance and your life. This Belt not only intensifies your abilities to experience and dance Nia; it is also an intensive group experience during which you will feel the connection to yourself, the other dancers and the world.

In practical terms this means:

The Blue Belt is the official second level of Nia education. This intensive week focuses on the ability to develop healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

The key principle is body-centred communication – we are aware of our bodies and our own presence, and that’s how we communicate with others. Specific topics include, among others, the joy of movement and relationships; the development of awareness, insight and clarity; the power of the group and the group choreography. One training unit explores in detail the principles and experience of “Floorplay”. 

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Brown Belt 

The Brown Belt focuses on energy and can be described as a “power week”. It demonstrates how much of your energy you are devoting to your life and shows how much energy you generate while dancing – and, more importantly, how you can focus, hold onto and let go of it. For many participants the Brown Belt is an extremely intensive experience since you experience how you can rediscover or strengthen your personal power through Nia energy and feel vital, fresher and stronger. 

In practical terms this means:

In order to take the Brown Belt you will need to have achieved a certain level of Nia proficiency and knowledge. This third level of training further intensifies your existing knowledge and skills; it focuses on an even stronger awareness, the feeling for Nia wisdom and Nia energy. We will develop a heightened sensitivity to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of our selves – when dancing and in everyday life.

 One focus of this week is to introduce “The Zone”, a mental state in which you are completely light and concentrated when you dance; learn to blank out disruptions and have a good awareness of yourself. The other focus is on learning to recognize your own energy levels; preserving your energy, increasing it, strengthening it and tap into energy.

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Black Belt  

The Black Belt is the final level and thus the ultimate Nia Belt. It will teach you how to better master Nia and also your life at all levels. The focus is often on re-experiencing all the phases of life and becoming aware of how much you have learned and the path that you have travelled. A celebratory experience! 

In practical terms this means:

The Black Belt focuses on the integration of all the previous levels of education and moving up to a new level. Parallel to this, it tests participants’ technical skills. Ann Christiansen is one of only a few trainers worldwide who teach the Black Belt and are, in a manner of speaking, allowed to “examine” it. Thanks to her past as a professional swimmer and also because she herself has worked through all the levels of Nia education several times she is an expert on the learning process and the continuous struggle to achieve an ever greater level of mastery. 

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