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Nia and Zumba

Nia and Zumba 

COMMON GROUND People who love rhythm and music and appreciate a certain amount of ‘partying’ when working out will love Nia and Zumba equally. As a Zumba fan you will quickly feel at home during the Nia cardio and dance phase. There is a party atmosphere with party songs, often also from the Latino segment, and lots of hip swinging. Elements taken from martial arts will allow you not only to express your joy and inner party animal but also to let go of your aggression and other emotions. 

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF NIA Nia is more than just a dance workout; it is a holistic movement concept. It focuses on body, mind and soul. So in addition to fun and enjoyment it also offers you calm, concentration and deep relaxation. This is also expressed in the exercises. Elements from aikido, yoga and tai chi will guide you through slow moves to relaxing movement patterns. The martial arts elements are good strength training, developing muscles effectively, while Zumba is, above all, a cardio workout for working off energy. And there’s more – thanks to the extended warm-up phase, during which all the muscle groups are stretched well before beginning training, Nia effectively minimizes the risk of injury. 

WHAT NIA CAN OFFER YOUR ZUMBA FITNESS If you enjoy dancing and love the party atmosphere then Zumba is absolutely right for you. Nia is a good physical supplement to the fast Latino moves of Zumba. Not just because it will give you the opportunity to get to know other choreographies from jazz dance, modern dance and Duncan Dance, making you more flexible. Nia is also an extremely joint-friendly form of training. We go right into the steps, taking pressure off our knees. You will learn to move in such a way that you avoid any joint problems when doing Zumba too. 

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