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Nia and yoga

Nia and yoga 

COMMON GROUND In Germany some five million sport enthusiasts take part in yoga, a mental and physical discipline which strengthens muscles and provides flexibility and stability while also promoting concentration and mental wellbeing. Nia can also offer these benefits. Not just because we practice some elements of yoga in our classes and take up various positions during short segments on the floor, known as “floorplay”. Nia is, in general, a holistic movement concept which always concentrates equally on body, mind and soul, thus always also making for a clearer focus and more concentration at the end of each lesson. 

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF NIA If you enjoy dancing and express yourself through movement then Nia will be a totally different experience to yoga. Music and rhythms, dance elements and choreographies allow you to experience the joy of dancing and to move your body in dynamic, flowing moves. In addition to this, Nia also includes free dance segments during which the body can express itself however it wants to at that moment – in other words, we take a break from the set forms and figures for a few minutes before returning to them. For many yogis who discover Nia this additional experience of spontaneous movement is the key reason for taking part in both disciplines, also in the long term. A further benefit – particularly for beginners – is that yoga requires a lot of experience before you have any feeling of success. In Nia you can join in with everything right away, clearly feeling how good it makes you feel and how quickly you improve! 

WHAT NIA CAN OFFER YOUR YOGA. If you practice yoga regularly then you will know how much it trains your flexibility and concentration. Nia is the perfect supplement to the intense, static flexibility demanded by asanas. Elements taken from jazz and modern dance promote flexibility dynamically, incorporating all joints and muscle groups. It also includes kicks and punches from martial arts, developing power, precision and speed. You will notice that it quickly provides you with more stamina and strength when practicing yoga.

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