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Nia and Pilates

Nia and Pilates 

COMMON GROUND Both Nia and Pilates use both strength and flexibility plus coordination and balance to achieve effective training results. They use images and phrases, called “pearls” in Nia, to boost training performance and to work and stress deep muscles – and sometimes to even find these muscles in the first place thanks to the metaphorical instructions. If you are a Pilates fan then you will know that a physical workout is often also a mental workout, providing you with clarity and concentration. You will most certainly also experience this at a Nia class. 

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF NIA In addition to set forms and figures and concentration on specific images Nia also includes extra free dance segments, during which you can follow your own intuitive moves. This freedom trains you to listen more closely to your body and to act in accordance with its movement needs. The free segments, which Pilates fans may find a little unfamiliar, allow you not only to experience diversity and enjoyment during the class but also to continually improve your awareness and control of your body. You will often leave a training session with a feeling of beauty and integrity. 

WHAT NIA CAN OFFER YOUR PILATES If you do Pilates then you will probably already have built up a lot of strength in your powerhouse. Nia is the perfect supplement to the strengthening, reinforcing exercises of Pilates. The holistic training concept behind Nia will strengthen all your muscle groups. Dance-based elements and the martial arts-based kicks and punches will reinforce your core by means of new, dynamic training stimuli.

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