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Nia and other sports - Here's how to combine them!

The following comparisons will show you how Nia can benefit your current training programme.

You will also be able to find out what added benefits Nia offers – maybe something you’ve been missing in your current sport. It’s certainly worth taking a close look at what Nia has to offer. Beginners who are considering whether they should take up yoga or Nia instead have the opportunity to find out here which one suits them and their needs better. 

If you already take part in a sport such as yoga, Zumba or Pilates then you will be aware of the enormous benefits your discipline has for you and the contribution it makes to your physical and mental fitness.

Sport fans and experienced yogis can also often discover the supplementary facets which Nia can offer – lots of people who come to Nia classes also practice yoga or attend a Zumba class afterwards.

Even if you are totally immersed in your sport, are maybe even a yoga or Pilates teacher yourself; work in physiotherapy or are a trained dancer you will often be able to discover new, supplementary aspects in Nia which can help you to develop at a personal or athletic level. Lots of people who discover Nia at some point in their lives, going on to train as and become teachers, come from one of these areas and experience Nia as a further development; as a new path for the second half of their lives or as the perfect professionalization of their career as a trainer or therapist. If you feel this could be you and would like to find out more, please feel free to email me at

Nia and yoga

Nia and combat sports

Nia and Zumba 

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Nia and Mindfulness