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Nia and martial arts

Nia and martial arts 

COMMON GROUND Lots of people who do Nia view this kind of movement training not as a sport but as a way of life – to achieve greater body consciousness; enjoyment of life and physical and mental fitness. This attitude has a lot in common with martial arts. The training system, which is based on Belts, is also similar. Just like martial arts Nia, in general, focuses holistically on the body, mind and soul. Training sessions also have things in common – segments based on tae kwon do and including lots of precise, powerful punches and kicks plus elements derived from the circular, flowing moves of aikido and slow tai chi mean that you will experience move elements with which you are very familiar and an integral part of your everyday training – just in a much more playful context. 

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF NIA As a martial arts devotee the rapid alternation of moves based more on yin energy and moves using yang energy will allow you to experience a new range of moves. The differing qualities of movement are extremely effective in training speed, flexibility and reactions. In addition to this, Nia will also train your senses; your vigilance and your command of your body. The differing quality of moves and levels of intensity will improve your awareness of your inner self, your body and your surroundings. A range of choreographies will promote your sense of balance and ability to coordinate. 

WHAT NIA CAN OFFER YOUR MARTIAL ART No matter whether you are involved in a traditional martial art such as karate or do workouts incorporating martial arts at the gym (e.g. taebo) – Nia is the perfect supplementary training for martial arts fans. You will already be familiar with the kicks and punches. They are supplemented by dance-based choreographies which will allow you to train your emotional powers of expression and your feel for rhythm, making you more fluent and supple when participating in form training or fight choreographies in your own sport. The whole-body training segments on the floor are an excellent opportunity for you to intensify the athletic talents you already have.

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