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Experience Nia

You can experience Nia in lots of different ways! Read on to find out exactly how!

At a class, so at a normal session at the gym, the dojo, the dance studio or another attractive location.  

At a week-long training. Anyone who wants to intensify their practical Nia skills is welcome to the Nia training. We begin with the basic level White Belt Intensive – a seven-day training week for body, mind and soul. Following this you can take part in further, advanced Belt courses – Blue, Green, Brown and Black. 

Nia home training. Anyone who wants to intensify their practical Nia skills at home or can’t find a Nia class in their area can order from a wide range of Nia dance and training videos and dance along. Various wonderful choreographies are now available as tele-dance training. The films are always atmospheric and aesthetically pleasing so that the virtual Nia sessions will also help you to rediscover your love of dancing – no matter whether you are in your own living room; staying at a hotel or training in a gym. 

The class 

“When you go to a Nia class you will experience a gentle, holistic workout that will give you strength, fitness and a consciousness of harmony and beauty” 

We begin with the so-called step-in – you consciously enter the session, another world, letting go of all your day-to-day worries and cares so that you are able to clearly experience and focus on the moves. During this phase you will also have time to gauge how intensively or gently you want to approach your moves at this session.


After that we move on to a warm-up phase. It is always new and different – what diversity! You activate your muscles and joints; the energy starts to flow. Here, again, you will continuously monitor how intensively or carefully you want to do the exercises. This is followed by a faster set, a cardio segment. It gives you the chance to work hard and test your boundaries. There is a lot of dancing and a party atmosphere. In addition to this we include tae kwon do-based kicks and punches. Light dance-based moves continuously alternate with precise, powerful moves. Yin and yang energy flows. The fast, often seamless change over between the two principles is not only physical training but also mental. And the alternation between form and freedom will make you attractive – as you will see from the glowing faces of the other participants during this phase of the Nia class.

After this we move on to a floor-based segment we call “floorplay” or, slightly tongue in cheek, “anti-aging on the parquet”. There are strengthening exercises, stretches, yoga asanas and moments of relaxation. The session concludes with a step-out, when you consciously return to everyday life, briefly experiencing the before-and-after effect again. This allows you to take some of the Nia session’s energy with you when you return to everyday life – like a small treasure trove. 

Anyone who is interested in the differences of the 5 Nia Belts can find out more about the several Belt levels here