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Who is Ann Christiansen?

To find out more about Nia take a look at the rest of this website. To find out more about me, read on!  

I was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1966. From an early age it was clear that I had an aptitude for physical activities. At the age of seven I was already going to regular swim training sessions; at twelve I was the Swedish Junior Champion and shortly after that I was accepted into the Swedish national team. As a member of the team I competed in tournaments all over Europe for many years. I was Swedish Champion a number of times and, in 1984, I had the privilege of competing in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. In addition to this, in 1998 I became the masters swimming triple World Champion in freestyle. 

After ending my swimming career I embarked on a new path. I travelled extensively; was discovered as a photo model; lived in Japan for five years. It was during this period that I began to become interested in complementary medicine and physiotherapy. This made sense as my second greatest passion after swimming is working with people. I completed vocational training and advanced training and spent over ten years working as a physiotherapist, using kinesiology, chakra methods and stress balance.   

I have been living in Hamburg for almost 20 years now, together with my husband and my dog.  


And then Nia came into my life:  

When I experienced my first Nia session in 1997 I was blown away. I flew to Portland, Oregon, in 1998 to get my first White Belt. Following this I began to give classes and was Germany’s first Nia teacher. Today I am still teaching 10 hours a week at a number of wonderful gyms in Hamburg. To intensify my skills I took my White Belt exam four times in the first year I taught. Within just a few years I had worked my way through all the Belts and, in 2001, was awarded my first Black Belt – the most advanced Nia level

A lot has happened since then. In 2003 I became a qualified White Belt trainer, meaning that I can also train trainers. Since 2007 I have been training Nia Blue Belts; since 2009 Green Belts and, since 2011, also Brown and Nia Black Belts.   

As a result today I am a trainer for all levels of Nia and work all over the world. I have been privileged to work with people who love and practice Nia (just like me) in 15 countries. In 2008 I was voted “Nia Teacher of the Year”. And in 2012 I became “Sacred Athlete of the Year”. What an honour for me! I am in close contact with Nia founder Debbie Rosas, working with her to further refine the Nia technique. I have created two choreographies (Nia routines) myself – “Beyond” and “U” – and they are used by many members of the global Nia community. The best thing of all is that the number of people who dance Nia is steadily increasing! 

And there’s more. In the 15 years I have been practicing Nia my attitude to life has changed fundamentally. My mental equilibrium and enjoyment of life have increased steadily. I feel healthy and fit and in harmony with myself.