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Welcome to Nia with Ann Christiansen

I’m pleased that you have found your way to me!

My name is Ann and I want to present something special to you on this website: Nia.

Nia is a kind of fusion fitness, combining elements of martial arts, dance and relaxation techniques to train your body, mind and soul. Nia is also far more than just a sport – it is a gentle, lively kind of fitness training functioning without any compulsion. To summarize: Nia is enjoyment of life expressed through dance.

  • Nia is based on the pleasure principle while simultaneously promoting physical fitness, providing you with stamina, a feeling of lightness and strength
  • Nia is a route to increased vitality, enjoyment and positive energy
  • The alternation of set choreographies and free dance will unlock your potential and creativity
  • Your vitality, health and enjoyment of life will be activated in the long term
  • The dance segments will increase your coordination; natural intelligence and mental fitness
  • Nia strengthens your connection to your own body; you will regain your consciousness of your beauty and strength
  • Nia is dance incorporating the body, mind and soul – a dance experience which will change your life
  • One hour of Nia will use up a lot of calories without you even noticing that you are taking part in a demanding training session
  • Nia is suitable for everyone: It doesn’t matter whether you’re fit or unfit, old or young – everyone is welcome
  • Nia will give you energy and can help you to stay calm and relaxed in stressful, everyday situations

As a former professional swimmer I know what I’m talking about. It was only when I discovered Nia that I found a way of doing sport and relaxing at the same time; of stimulating my creativity through music and rhythm and physically expressing myself. Nia has become my passion – I love it! 

Sharing Nia with others is what I like doing best!

I have been teaching Nia in Hamburg for over 15 years, starting in 1998 when I was Germany’s first ever Nia teacher. I am now also a trainer for all levels of Nia from White to Black Belt, allowing me to work all over the world.

My website will provide you with information about Nia; my workshops; Belts; feedback on my international courses; my newsletter and my weekly schedule and course timetable in Hamburg. You can write to me; view the gallery to get an impression of what I do and find out more about the world of Nia.

I hope you have lots of fun while doing so!