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Nia can do so much!

Nia is more than “just” a sport! Positive feedback from Nia dancers, who notice not only physical but also mental changes in their lives, proves this time and again. Nia can...


...cure pain

“I had chronic back pain. Then I started doing Nia. The best thing was that my pain disappeared in the very first session. Within one year of starting Nia I have become more flexible and my back pain has virtually gone. Great!”


...control weight

“I’m actually an agile, happy woman. But when I started to put on more and more weight after the birth of my two children I suddenly felt immobile and lethargic. I wanted to start doing sport and, luckily for me, discovered Nia. Without having ever gone on a diet or suffering in just a few months I lost 5 kilos in weight thanks to my two weekly hour-long Nia sessions. I love the new way my body feels.”


...give meaning to fitness

“I have always loved sport. I’ve done step aerobics, Pilates and sometimes weight training. But there was always something missing. When I did Nia for the first time at my gym I was initially irritated by the holistic moves, which were totally new for me. Everything seemed to be so easy. And after the session I wasn’t totally exhausted but had far more energy than before and felt happy. After that I kept coming back and have been doing Nia for 5 years now. I not only feel more fulfilled ; I also have more power and stamina than I could ever have achieved through equipment training or Pilates.”


...teach a new holistic technique

“As a physiotherapist and yoga teacher I was in search of a holistic form of fitness training. I found Nia. After the first White Belt Intensive course in Hamburg I knew ‘This is my path, I want to carry on with this’. Today I’m a trainer and am totally wowed by the different types of movement Nia offers.”


...inspire enjoyment of life

“I love to go dancing, to clubs or parties. And I always hated sport. But the first time I did Nia I loved it. I had so much fun, enjoyment and felt just as light as on the dance floor when I’m out – and on top of that I was doing something that was healthy!” enjoy movement

“I work in an office and often spend eight hours a day sitting still. I look forward to my Nia sessions – they allow my body to move the way it wants to and month by month I’m getting fitter without having to kill myself at each session.”


...provide inspiration through sport

“As an artist I tend to correspond to the conventional stereotype of someone who doesn’t like sport. But because Nia includes so much creative, free movement and there is always a mix of set choreographies and free segments I have noticed that Nia not only makes me physically more fit but also inspires me, making me more creative and expressive.” master personal crises

“When I discovered Nia through a girlfriend I was in personal crisis. I had gone through a divorce; had continual colds and looked ten years older than I was. Nia helped me to regain my enjoyment of life, dance step by dance step. When I started I was more or less broken and very slow. At some point during the session I forgot about my grief and whirled around the room. It was the moment at which I saw light at the end of the tunnel for the first time. Looking back I would say that Nia changed my life. I often feel very cheerful, optimistic and fulfilled – even if I still have problems in my life.”