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Nia Class with Ann in Höganäs (Sweden) 02/17

Nia Class with Ann in Höganäs (Sweden) 02/17

Nia Studio AB, Verkstadsgatan 2B, 263 39 Höganäs, Schweden
Thu, 02/02/2017 - 18:00 to 19:30

Discover how you can bring LIFE and Energy into your movements
both in Silence and Sitllness-
In your heart is the Pulse- learn how to listen in and feel it, sense it!
Find your way from the inside out- your unique expression makes every move come alive , driven by the real source of power-The Now where no demands or
"musts" have to be fulfilled- only to Be.

This Mini-ReTreat journey begins on the Thursday evening with a little sneak-preview of Ann´s new routine LIFE. A Nia class that suits everyone from beginners to seasoned Nia dancers and teachers.

The Friday will be a journey into the FreeDance element in Nia and an experience that allows you to find the Free Expression from within , a guided exprience with no set choregraphy to follow- Nias invitation to everyone who loves to move and groove to Music with pleasure as your guide- This is New Format in Nia and this will be the Scandinavian premiär!

You can choose what sessions you want to join- for Nia teachers a special session on Silence and Sound with a few "how-to" lead movement in Silence.


Thursday - February 2
18-19.30 LIFE - NIA CLASS, New routine created by Ann Christiansen

Friday - February 3
9-10 SILENCE & SOUND - Unique Nia klass, Ann will guide You in Silence
10.30-12.30 PLAYSHOP SILENCE & SOUNDInspirational playshop both for instructors and students - learn communication skills how to lead and guide in Silence - discover the magic medatative quality of the FLOW state

14-16 NIA FREE DANCE - new Format!
A new Nia experience that has been birthed from our FreeDance principle - a Playful fun way to move and be guided without having to do steps or choregraphy - You are your own creative source in this experience - Nia FreeDance - welcome everyBODY.

Saturday & Sunday February 4-5
Nia 52 Moves Intensive more info

NIA 52 moves!

If you sign up for these two days you have the chance to WIN a place in the Nia 52 moves Training that happens in Höganäs 4-5.02.2017

On the 31.12 we will draw THREE lucky winners that can come up to Höganäs for a Winter-Vitamin extravaganza!
register now!


LIFE - € 26

ALL 4 CLASSES € 131 (regular price € 146 )

Register here for Winter-vitamines -

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